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Richmond, VA 23235

Sawdust fired, one-of-a kind pottery. A Kay Franz pottery website. 


Kay Franz Pottery Blog

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Home Studio

Kay Franz

North Window

It's been 2 years since I moved into a smaller house....smaller house, smaller studio. On the plus side I love the basement space I've allocated for my work. The east window opens to the sky. The north window opens to the north at ground level and I'm able to watch birds as they hop in and around the bush planted by that window. During daylight hours it's never ending bird tv. While smaller than my old studio, it is plenty big and the space is warmer, cozier and better lit than my old garage space. It's a happy place to be and a corner retreat. I'm still not making as much work as I thought I would be in my semi-retirement. Semi-retirement sometimes still feels a lot like full-time...

Work In Progress


Kay Franz


While building these latest pieces I am reminded of how much repetition goes into a creative process. I once heard an artist remark that they had essentially tried to perfect the same piece over and over throughout their entire career. I feel I am at that point too. Certain shapes, textures and images from the past keep reappearing as if trying to achieve a type of perfection. It's not so much an endless loop as it is an upward spiral, renewed in time with layers of new experiences.


Welcome to Day 1

Kay Franz


I started this site as a personal journal in celebration of my new employment status, "retired". I accepted an early retirement from the ad agency I worked at for the last 22 years, I'm now launching full-time into my career as artist/potter. I finished college ages ago with the idealistic view that I would make a living as an artist and landed squarely into the reality that many art school graduates rarely provides an income that you can live on. My goal with this site is to start a journal of work produced, ideas explored and a little philosophizing over a cup of green tea. As a yoga practitioner I may also share a few comments and/or meditations from the mat.