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Richmond, VA 23235

Sawdust fired, one-of-a kind pottery. A Kay Franz pottery website. 


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Kay Franz

North Window

It's been 2 years since I moved into a smaller house....smaller house, smaller studio. On the plus side I love the basement space I've allocated for my work. The east window opens to the sky. The north window opens to the north at ground level and I'm able to watch birds as they hop in and around the bush planted by that window. During daylight hours it's never ending bird tv. While smaller than my old studio, it is plenty big and the space is warmer, cozier and better lit than my old garage space. It's a happy place to be and a corner retreat. I'm still not making as much work as I thought I would be in my semi-retirement. Semi-retirement sometimes still feels a lot like full-time...

Work In Progress